Tuesday, October 30, 2012

California Propositions 2012

I decided to make a list of the California state propositions, what they're all about, and how I will be voting on them. I hope you all fucking enjoy it. I didn't call it a "cheat sheet" because I fucking hate cheaters. Also, you should use your own brain, but, many people out there don't actually have brains. If you feel that maybe this is you, then please just vote how I do.

 Prop 30.

I'm voting yes, because I'm not a horrible monster who hates children. This prop will give money to schools in California, which are already some of the worst, and poorest in the nation. It will raise taxes to do so, this is how government works.  Fortunately for most of us, these small income tax increases will only be on individuals income who make over $250,000.00 per year or couples making over $500,000.00 per year.

Unfortunately, this is not me. But if I did make over $250,000.00/year I wouldn't feel too bad giving a small portion of that money to help all the students in California who will be our future leaders. Sorry, but I think helping out every student in California is more important than say, buying that second bmw, or taking that fourth trip to Maui this year.

Also, sales tax will be increased, which is what will effect us "common folk." However this sales tax increase will be ONE QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT. I don't know about you, but I think I can afford to pay ONE QUARTER OF ONE PERCENT more on that cheeseburger I buy, or new stereo, because it will help every student in California and that's more important to the future of California, the United States, and the World, than me saving a few pennies. Please vote yes on this proposition.

Prop 32

Fuck this proposition.  I'm voting NO on this prop.  It is basically put out to confuse the voter, and scare them into thinking Unions are bad.  Unions are not bad, they are good.  Unfortunately I wish Unions did not have to waste their money on advertising, but this is how most Californians, and Americans, make their voting decisions.  Unions directly empower the workers.  This prop is trying to silence the working people. 

This would not effect corporate campaign spending, because corporate campaign money comes from profits, not from workers payroll deductions.

Voting yes on this proposition would effectively silence unions, and their workers from being able to stand up and voice their opinion against corporate campaign money.

Basically all unions are against this proposition.  Including the California teachers union, fire fighters union, and also The League of Women's Voters.  Basically everyone who has a soul is against this prop.  Vote NO.

Prop 31

I skipped this one because prop 30 and 32 are related, and I wanted to cover them back to back.  Also, prop 31 is fucking confusing.  It sounds good because it's proponents say it's about using California tax money more effectively. But they are full of shit and that's why I'm voting NO.

This proposition makes it harder for the state government to work effectively and puts more responsibilities on the local governments within the state.  Cities and towns in California are already struggling enough, this prop would make it harder on them to function by giving them more responsibilities, and resulting in more confusion.

If you still feel confused it might make it easier to vote NO on prop 31 if you realize big money is backing it, and unions, people, and groups concerned about the environment are against it.  Vote NO.

Prop 33

This is the auto insurance companies baby.  It's being backed by the auto insurance companies, including $16,422,126.97 from Mercury insurance, because it allows them to charge you more for insurance based off things they currently are not allowed to do.

It's opponents include consumer watchdog groups who have much less money to spend on advertising, because we don't all send our money to them, like the auto insurance companies.  It sounds good because the auto insurance companies are pushing the "discounts" you could receive because of it, but mostly they will be able to charge you more if prop 33 passes.  I'm voting no on prop 33. 

Prop 34

I'm voting YES.  This proposition is to repeal the death penalty.  I know what you're thinking, "..but there's a lot of really bad people in California prisions!!"  Sure maybe there are, but should we really decide to execute them?

What kind of message are we sending to the people in our society with the death penalty?  That it is okay to murder another human being?  I don't think this is a positive message for government to send to it's people.  Prisons should be focused on reforming criminals, not executing them.  Just because someone has taken a life, doesn't mean we, as a society, should discipline them by taking their life.  This sends the message that killing human beings is okay.  Hitler thought killing human beings was okay.  I don't really want to live in a society like that.  Let prisons focus on reforming criminals and building a better society.  What would Jesus do?  He probably wouldn't send a human being into the gas chamber.  That was Hitler's job.  I'm voting YES on prop 34.

Prop 35

This proposition increases penalties for human trafficking.  It has virtually no opponents.  I'm voting yes on prop 35. 

Prop 36

This proposition reduces the sentencing lengths on the "three strikes" felons.  Many people who receive their "third strike" is often for non-violent crimes, yet they are sentenced for up to life in prison.  Not only is this very unfair to the individual but it costs Californian's more money to keep these non-violent criminals locked up.

This prop reduces the penalties for third strike offenders who are non-violent.  I support prop 36 and am voting yes.

Prop 37

The only thing this proposition does is put a simple label on food letting the consumer know whether it has been genetically modified.  It does not outlaw genetically modified food, it merely lets the consumer know whether it has been modified or not, much like our food has ingredients, and nutritional information listed.

I support prop 37 and will be voting yes.  

Over 40 other countries already have these labels, including China, India, and most of Europe.  Chemical companies, and soda companies oppose this prop, as they don't want consumers to know what they are selling them.

The proponents of prop 37 are health food and organic oriented companies, and consumers funds, which have spent a combined total of just under 6 million dollars.

Here is a list of the top contribution opponents of prop 37 and how much they have spent.  Notice a lot of them are chemical companies.  Together they have spent over $40,000,000.00 

Monsanto       $7,100,500.00
DuPont           $4,900,000.00
Pepsico           $2,145,400.00
BASF              $2,000,000.00
Bayer              $2,000,000.00
Dow                $2,000,000.00
Syngenta        $2,000,000.00
Kraft               $1,646,000.00
Coca-Cola       $1,455,500.00
Nestle USA     $1,315,600.00
Conagra         $1,176,700.00

Prop 37 does have some exemptions included in it which I am not a fan of.  But I still believe it will provide more information to the consumer than what is currently available.  I am voting yes on prop 37 and urge you to do the same.

Prop 38

I'm voting no. Here's another confusing proposition.  It gives money to the schools, which sounds good, but raises taxes on everyone, even people making only $7,316 a year.  I'm for education but this income tax increase on individuals making such a small amount of money does not seem fair to me, and is why I'm supporting prop 30 instead.  I will be voting no on prop 38.

Prop 39

I'm voting yes. This proposition will tax businesses which operate in multiple states.  This proposition will force these businesses to pay the taxes for the amount of sales and business they create within the state of California.  It will basically tax these multi-state businesses like any other business that operate within the state of California.  This will generate more tax revenue for the state of California, that these business were able to get out of paying before. 

There have been no fundraising committees formed against this proposition, and I am voting yes on prop 39.

Prop 40

I'm voting yes.  This proposition will keep in place the districts that were already drawn up by independent citizens  It's also a confusing proposition, I hope I'm voting the correct way on it. 

Okay I'm finished. Now go vote or die like puffy daddy tells you to.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is The World Ending?

He was born in 1921. He owns a christian radio network. He says the world is ending. He's Harold Camping.

May 31st 2011 is the date you get to fly to heaven if you've been good Harold says. It's kind of like christmas. Only if you've been bad instead of coal you'll get to live through hell on earth until October 21st 2011. Then you get to see the end of the world!

This crazy old bastard's company was worth around 122 million dollars in 2007. According to Harold 200 million people will be raptured up to the gold streets of heaven. This is a much larger amount that the 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses believe will get to go. Their math is almost laughable.

Harold of course has a bunch of snake oil that proves his date is correct, even though he was already wrong once in 1994. He got better snake oil, so his date is now adjusted correctly. Read your bible so you don't burn forever. God bless.

Phil Jackson Quotes Richard Nixon in Press Conference

"As Richard Nixon says, You won't be able to kick this guy around anymore." Former Los Angeles Lakers' coach Phil Jackson said on Sunday during the press conference afer the Lakers' loss to the Dallas Mavericks on the Sunday.

Jackson was referring to the 35,000 dollar fine that the NBA gave him this morning. This will be tough for Phil Jackson to pay off, considering he only made 12,500,000 dollars during the 2009-2010 season.

It was the last game in Phil Jackson's NBA coaching career. He also said he "Didn't like the way Lamar or Andrew finished today."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Video Released

The Bin Laden videos were finally released today to the delight of Bin Laden fans across the globe.

The videos show Osama enjoying some television, and are definite proof that he is still alive. Many had suspected Tupac Shakur to be included in the video release but unfortunately the videos only featured Osama alive and well.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bored Females Excited For Televised Wedding

Females around the world, with absolutely nothing better to do, can barely contain their excitement for the Royal Wedding that will take place tomorrow.

However, according to a YouGov poll of British women, 86% of them said they do not envy Kate Middleton. 86%.


A pothead analyst from Southern California studied the results of the poll and concluded that 96% of the women surveyed lied.

If you would like to know more about the wedding you can purchase The Royal Wedding for Dummies.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Air Traffic Controllers Given Longer Naps by FAA

Air traffic controllers will now be allowed to take 9 minute naps the FAA said on Sunday. This is one minute longer than the previous nap times were for controllers.

"I'm really happy for the extra minute of napping." Said one controller as he tucked himself into his sleeping bag.

The FAA also announced that the controllers would now be given 8 ounces of apple juice and a small snack as well.

"These guys get really sleepy after staring at those green flashing screens for so long. It's about time we gave them a snack and longer naps!" Shouted Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Sunday before lifting off in a helicopter.